How to farm NFT Cards? ✨

The mechanics of Magic Card farming

EmiSwap is an audited, rewarding, and cross-chain AMM DEX offering high APR staking & farming that will reach a $100 million TVL and give away 1001 yield boosting and rare NFT Magic Cards to Liquidity Providers.💫

Each time the Total Value Locked on EmiSwap DEX is increased by $10 million, the EmiSwap team will distribute 100 NFT Magic Cards to users who provided liquidity and crossed the milestones.💰✅ Don’t miss a great chance ー add liquidity here! Find out when NFT bonuses will start working.

The further you are from the milestone as you cross it, the better your card will be. Every $100,000 marks a milestone. In a nutshell, the user which adds the most liquidity will get the highest tier.

Every $10M TVL, 100 NFT Magic cards will be distributed after we analyze all transactions that were used to cross every 100 x $100,000 milestones.

Example: If TVL is 1,560,00, you must add at least 41K to cross the 1,600,000 line, then liquidity is 1,601,000 and you win a Magic Card of high value. If the TVL is 1,595,000 and you add 6,000, you will receive a lower-tier card. It’s that simple! If you do not cross the milestone, you won’t receive a Magic Card.

One powerful user who added the most liquidity will get a legendary card. The top 2 to 6 users get 5 Epic Cards and so on. In total, EmiSwap will issue 1001 limited edition NFTs for this campaign divided into:

  • 1 Mythic Card

  • 10 Legendary Cards

  • 40 Epic Cards

  • 150 Rare Cards

  • 300 Uncommon Cards

  • 500 Ordinary Cards

As liquidity is not constant and the crypto market fluctuates heavily now and then, consider the following example: suppose liquidity is $1M, and Ether price drops substantially and total liquidity becomes 850k. If a user adds 60K and crosses the milestone, they won’t receive a Magic Card. The first user who crossed the $1M milestone, however, will win a Magic Card. This is a fair method to ensure total transparency and clarity. You can view the TVL on the EmiSwap Analytics page to know where we are at the moment so you can maximize the return on your investment and win the dopest NFT cards on the market!

Why does EmiSwap offer the best terms for LPs on the market?

The best thing about being an early liquidity provider on Emiswap is the surplus of benefits you get, like:

  • Gas fees compensation: EmiSwap compensates for 100% of the Ethereum fees paid for any operation on the exchange in its native ESW tokens.

  • Yield-Farming: Stake LP tokens in EmiSwap farming pools with high % APR and receive ESW tokens as a reward.

  • 100% DEX’s fees distribution: 0,05% from any operation on EmiSwap is equally distributed among ESW token holders which gives extra income to liquidity providers.

NFT Magic Cards by EmiSwap have several advantages over regular DeFi NFTs:

  • As an NFT (non-fungible token), every card is unique or at least very rare and has its inherent value.

  • Cards provide various benefits: instant ESW token bonuses, faster mining, easier exchange for higher-tier cards, participation in battle tournaments (similar to Magic: the Gathering), etc.

  • Rare cards can appreciate rapidly over time.

  • Special Battle Cards provide access to members-only contests and giveaways.

  • They make the whole process of trading and swapping on EmiSwap fun and exciting.

  • They look beautiful and cool — a sort of digital artwork.

NFT Magic Cards is the first product that combines NFTs and DeFi to achieve synergy and gamification on every level.

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