NFT Magic Cards ๐ŸŽด

EmiSwap Magic Cards are playable, tradable, and yield-boosting NFT collectibles digital cards that may remind you of Magic: The Gathering but on the blockchain.

NFT Magic Cards are cutting-edge loyalty items that increase your benefits on the EmiSwap DEX. Offering much more than usual NFT units, they are playable, tradable, and yield-boosting NFT collectibles that are available for EmiSwap users only.

  • There are 6 tiers of NFT Magic Cards. The higher the tier, the larger the bonus they contain.

  • NFT Magic Cards can be earned through participating in special tournaments like Liquidity Providers Milestone Contest or through farming.

  • Magic Cards are issued in small collections, each of them is limited in the number of Cards and devoted to some theme. There are also some collections issued in collaboration with celebrities.

  • Users get their Cards hole (unopened). Hole Cards can be traded in a dedicated internal marketplace or withdrawn to the userโ€™s wallet to trade in other marketplaces.

  • When you open your Card, you will get some yield-boosting bonus.

Farming functionality will be released in Q3 2021, and Card War tournaments โ€“ย in Q4, 2021.

What bonuses are there?

Every Card has a bonus, no matter how rare it is. Though, the higher the tier of your NFT Magic Card, the better the bonus you receive. The list includes:

  • Extra ESW tokens

  • Yield-boosting bonuses for providing liquidity

  • Yield-boosting bonuses for swapping

  • Yield-boosting bonuses for ESW staking

  • NFT Card farm-speeding powers

  • Multiplying Cards

  • Battle Cards for participating in Card Wars

  • Extra rare Collectible Cards

The bonus you get is determined randomly, but all of them increase your yield on the platform.

What are Card Wars?

Card Wars are EmiSwapโ€™s tournaments for Battle Card holders that will be released in Q4 2021. This game is inspired by a famous Magic: The Gathering and HearthStone. Users will build their decks and compete against other players to win extra valuable prizes.

Check them out in the Magic Hall.

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