How to farm FLEX-USDC? 👨‍💻

Your guide to farming FLEX-USDC on EmiSwap AMM DEX

1. Connect your Metamask wallet

Connect your Metamask or any other EmiSwap-compatible ERC-20 wallet to EmiSwap. To do so, press "Collect to a Wallet".
Then choose your wallet from the list and follow the instructions in your wallet that will help you complete the connection stage.
After your wallet is successfully connected you will see its details at the top of the site.
Please note that to farm FLEX-USDC LP tokens you need to have an available balance in FLEX, USDC as well as some ETH ($20 should be enough) to pay for Ethereum gas fees.

2. Add liquidity in FLEX-USDT token pair

To start farming, you need to add liquidity to the EmiSwap DEX and get LP tokens that you will start farming later.
When you add liquidity to the pool, you send them to a secured smart contract (EmiSwap is audited by Hacken) that stores your funds as liquidity for other users' trades. Don't worry, you will be able to get 100% of your tokens back at any time.
Choose the "Pool" section.
If you have never added liquidity to EmiSwap, the "Your Liquidity" list will be empty. You will see FLEX/USDT on this list when you add liquidity.
Press "Add Liquidity" at the bottom of this page.
EmiSwap compensates for Ethereum gas fees for swapping and adding liquidity in ESW tokens. Thus, this operation will practically cost you zero.
Choose FLEX and USDC in the next window. If you cannot find FLEX on the list, try using this link:
Insert the amount of FLEX and USDC you want to add. You can choose MAX to add all available balances into the pool.
Then press "Approve FLEX" and "Approve USDC" if you use some of these tokens for the first time on EmiSwap. This will request a confirmation in your wallet. Additionally, you will be charged a small Ethereum network fee.
Wait for the transaction approval. It will take just a few minutes.
After the transaction is approved, you will receive a confirmation message.
Press "Supply".
Then press "Confirm Supply" in the new window and verify this operation in your wallet. You will be charged ~10 USD for this operation in ETH, but these expenses will be refunded by EmiSwap in ESW token automatically.
After you receive a confirmation, you can move on to the next step. Now you have FLEX-USDC LP tokens on your wallet.

3. Start farming FLEX-USDC

Select "Stake & Farm" tab on the EmiSwap main page. Then select the "Farming" tab.
Find the LP USDC-FLEX tab at the bottom of the list and open it by clicking on the arrow.
Fill out the amount of USDCFLEX to stake. You can use the MAX button. Then press "Approve USDCFLEX" and confirm this operation in your wallet. You will be charged a small fee for this operation.
Then press "Stake".
If you use MAX and the approval doesn't proceed, try choosing a number with fewer decimals, e.g. 66.25.
After that, your transaction will be processed and you will see your deposit, your reward as well as the number of tokens you can collect (withdraw) in the same window.
If for some reason after the first successful transaction you cannot see LP tokens in the deposit section, try approving USDCFLEX one more time. It's likely that you paid not enough gas the first time. This will help.
You will now receive ESW rewards every 13 seconds (every block). You can stop farming and remove your liquidity at any time.

How to stop farming and remove your liquidity?

If you want to stop farming, first press the "Collect to wallet" button. FLEX-USDC LP tokens will be allocated to your balance. You will need to confirm this operation in your wallet and will be charged a small fee.
After collecting has been successfully proceeded, choose the "Pool" tab and find "FLEX-USDC" in your list of pairs. Click on it.
Then press "Remove".
Select the percentage of liquidity you want to remove and press "Approve". You will be charged a small fee.
After the approval is completed, you will see a confirmation. Then press "Remove".
Then press "Confirm" in the new window and confirm this operation in your wallet.
After that, your removal is completed and you can access USDC and FLEX in your wallet again!

How to withdraw your ESW reward?

You can see your ESW rewards from farming in your personal account. You will see how many ESW you can withdraw at the moment and how much is there currently locked.
When you decide to withdraw your ESW rewards, follow the instructions in this article:

Enjoy your farming with EmiSwap!