Governance model 🗿

The EmiSwap developer’s community advocates for decentralized decision-making mechanics

All changes within the terms of interaction with products within the ecosystem will be accepted with the participation of the community through a voting procedure. Only ESW token holders will be able to vote.

Several decisions can be confirmed in one vote. Thus, a single voting operation will contain multiple voting without the right to transmit.

In the case of minor decisions that go beyond the primary list, the quorum may be reduced, and the voting rules may be adjusted, but these minor decisions will still be voted on to preserve the integrity of the DAO.

Moreover, a decision on what is a minor issue remains an important decision and will require a full quorum vote to be met.

When you buy an ESW token, you become an actual owner of the EmiSwap exchange and can vote on future updates.

Any protocol change is possible only through a voting procedure among ESW token holders.

To use with our products, have a look at the links below:

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