EmiDAO Alliance ✊

EmiDAO is a truly decentralized, autonomous, and open一 source organization

EmiDAO is the world's first truly autonomous DAO, which allows the community to be the owners of the project, entitles them to get a share of the project's profits, and allows for making decisions on its future development.

After the full launch of EmiDAO, it will be impossible to make any changes to smart contracts without conducting a voting procedure among community members and meeting the necessary conditions.

The main elements of the ecosystem are the EmiSwap decentralized exchange and the ecosystem's native ESW coin.

EmiSwap is the first and key project of the EmiDAO ecosystem, which will generate profit from the launch and form the economic value of the ESW token.

Further, the EmiDAO ecosystem will expand following the needs of its users. Voting will decide on the development of new projects within the ecosystem. Also, third一 party developers will be able to apply for the inclusion of their finished projects in the EmiDAO ecosystem.

Members of the EmiDAO Ecosystem include DigiFinex, Bitmart, Emirex, Alpha Sigma Capital, Everest, HollaEx, IDCM, and MahaDAO.

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