ESW holder's rewards ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Details about ESW holder's rewards โ€“ย how they are calculated and when they are applicable.

What are the benefits of holding ESW?

ESW token holders are the actual owners of the EmiSwap DEX because:
    They receive 100% of the DEX's income (0.05% from any operation).
    They can vote on future developments and determine the fate of the project.
EmiSwap charges a 0.3% fee for every swap. This fee is distributed among LP providers (0.25%) and ESW token holders (0.05%) proportionally to their share in the pool.

How to receive ESW rewards?

ESW holder's rewards are credited on the following tokens:

    Uncollected ESW tokens (both locked and available to withdraw) in the user's EmiSwap account.
    ESW tokens that were collected and are now in the user's wallet.
    ESW tokens that the user received through swapping on any exchange.
    ESW tokens user stakes on EmiSwap.
If on 7/07/21 at the time of ESW holders' rewards release the user has a zero ESW balance, retrospective dividends will not be accrued to him. If he receives ESW after that date, dividends (new) will be accrued as usual.
Please note that the withdrawal of ESW holder's rewards is currently not available to anyone. Withdrawal functionality will be released later.
Dividends are credited to all ESW holders. Already accrued dividends are not transferred along with the transfer of ESW to another user, they are considered to belong to the original owner and can be collected by him after the implementation of the withdrawal functionality.

ESW holder's rewards are NOT credited if:

    ESW is sent to the contract. In this case, they are no longer counted in the user's ESW balance and, accordingly, in the calculation of his share of new dividends. That means that the supply of liquidity on any exchange with the usage of ESW tokens also reduces the user's ESW balance.
The only smart contract, when sending ESW to which the user's ESW balance does not decrease, is ESW staking on EmiSwap. It is registered with a specific address.
Stake ESW on EmiSwap:โ€‹
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