Tokenomics ๐Ÿ“ˆ
The ESW tokenomics: a balanced token distribution model
The ESW economics can be broken down as follows:
    The maximum emission is 200,000,000 ESW.
    3% (6 million ESW) to Pre-seed Sale Participants.
    7% (14 million ESW) to Seed Round Participants.
    6% (12 million ESW) to Private Sale Participants.
    1.5% (3 million ESW) to Launchpad Sale Participants.
    30% (60 million ESW) for the security and maintenance of the protocol.
    24.5% (49 million ESW) for ecosystem growth and community building.
    20% (40 million ESW) for the EmiSwap decentralized developersโ€™ Community.
    3% (6 million ESW) to EmiSwap Early Liquidity Providers and Swappers.
    5% (10 million ESW) to Advisors, Ambassadors and Community Building.
EmiSwap raised $330,000 during Pre-seed round for early adopters, $770,000 from reputable funds and partners in Seed round, and $1,380,000 during the Private round. Then, ESW tokens will be accessible on Launchpads for $0.185 and later listed on other exchanges.
If you wish to learn more, read our Whitepaper, Oneไธ€ Pager, or join our Telegram chat.
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