Liquidity Providers

Sky-high rewards for liquidity providers on EmiSwap

If you’ve used Uniswap or any other AMM (automated market-making) platform, then you probably know how liquidity mining, or yield farming, works. Deposit liquidity in a swapping pool, get LP tokens in exchange, stake them on the liquidity mining contract, and earn the project’s native tokens in return.

We’ll launch our own yield farming program on April 10, and once again, joining early is the best thing you can do. That’s because in these initial weeks and months we’ll be paying two types of liquidity mining bonuses:

  • April 10 一 May 9: 40,000 ESW will be distributed among Liquidity Providers in proportion to the liquidity provided.

  • April 10 一 May 9: an additional reward of 6,150 ESW per 1,000 blocks, which we will allocate to all liquidity suppliers built on their share of total liquidity value. With an average block time of about 15 seconds on Ethereum, 1,000 blocks equal 250 minutes or slightly more than 4 hours, so we’ll pay out more than 30,000 ESW to our early adopters every 24 hours.

  • April 10 一 July 9: Rewards for Liquidity Providers are 10X higher and 30,000 ESW will be distributed among LP proportionally for every $1 million of total exchange turnover.

  • NFT Magic Cards will be allocated to users who provide liquidity and cross every $100,000 TVL. The more liquidity you add as you cross the milestone, the rarer the card you get.

  • Please note that there are no additional reward allocations for ESW/token pairs to any users.

EmiSwap is already live, and the first rewards will be paid starting from April 10, so technically you still have a few days to decide and prepare, but… we do recommend that you act fast. Add liquidity or start swapping here:

A potential earning outcome for LPs:

  • You provide liquidity worth $100,000 for ETH/DAI token pair.

  • You pay 100 USDT for gas and get 435 ESW as compensation.

  • Total liquidity on EmiSwap is 20,000,000 DAI, which means your share is 0.5%.

  • Daily trading volume is 3,000,000 DAI, thus 7,500 DAI is distributed among LPs daily. You receive 37,5 DAI every day.

  • Also, 90,000 ESW (30,000 ESW for every million trading volumes) is distributed proportionally to LPs. Every day, you get 450 ESW.

  • Furthermore, for every 1,000 blocks, liquidity suppliers get 6,150 ESW. Since there are 6,800 blocks every day, 41,820 ESW will be assigned to LPs. Your daily reward is 201 ESW.

  • In this scenario, the daily reward is 37,5 DAI + 651 ESW. You also earn 0.05 % a day from your ESW holdings.

  • In this scenario, your monthly earnings would be 1125 DAI + 19,530 ESW.

According to EmiSwap estimates, once TVL on EmiSwap crosses 20 million DAI in the case mentioned, the APY for providing liquidity on EmiSwap is 107% (excluding 0.05% rewards for ESW tokens).

We’ve also prepared a handy beginner guide on how to add liquidity to EmiSwap, in case you are new to DeFi. If you have any questions about liquidity mining or rewards, please don’t hesitate to ask them in our official Telegram chat. See you soon!

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