How to claim ESW Tokens? 🏓

Your guide to claiming ESW tokens to your wallet
We prepared a little guide for EmiSwap users, who bought ESW tokens both on IDO Launchpads and IEO. You can always learn everything about swapping, pooling, migrating, or literally any other service that we provide through our wiki.
A guide to claiming your ESW tokens:
1.Go to the main page of and connect your wallet.
2. Click on your wallet address to open your account
3. Then click the “collect to my wallet” button.
3. Enter the amount of ESW tokens that you would like to withdraw to your wallet and click the “collect” button.
4. Confirm the transaction on Metamask.
Stale or Farm these tokens to multiply your rewads! Remember $ESW is a governance token that add fairness and decentralization to the EmiSwap AMM DEX ecosystem.
ESW token holders are the actual owners of the project who get a share of profits and make decisions on developments. No change in the EmiSwap protocol is possible without a voting procedure. That means, you as a holder will determine the future of the EmiSwap DEX. ESW is the fuel that will blast EmiSwap and its community off into DeFi hyperspace, far beyond what anyone expects!

Stake and Farm $ESW to win NFTs.

EmiSwap gives you the opportunity to earn NFTs by staking and farming ESW! To obtain a free card for your collection, you must stake a particular figure of ESW and a comparable amount of another cryptocurrency (ETH, DAI, UNI, USDC, or wETH) in our liquidity pools for a set length of time.
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