How to farm? 🌱

Once you’ve earned your ELP tokens as a Liquidity Provider in the EmiSwap Pools, you’re ready to stake them in the EmiSwap Farm for extra ESW Rewards per block. Here’s a little helping guide.

Step 1: Connect your wallet by going to

EmiSwap supports MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, Portis, as well as all wallets that have WalletConnect functionality (such as Rainbow, Trust, and We will use MetaMask as an example since it’s the most popular wallet among DeFi users.

If you don’t have any of the supported wallets yet, we recommend MetaMask. You can download it here.

Step 2: Choose the pool in which you want to invest:

Step 3: For the first time, you’ll need to “Approve” the ELP token:

Once the tokens have been approved, you’ll be able to stake your tokens.

Step 4: Enter the amount of ELP tokens you want to stake and click the “Stake” button.

Step 5: Approve the transaction in your wallet and you’re good to go!

As you wait for your token to be staked, you’ll witness a transaction. It will appear on the farm once staked, and you can unstake it at any point.

Every block after that, your “ESW Earned” balance will change. You’ll be able to pull out your ESW at any moment by clicking “Harvest.”

Note: When you deposit ELP for farming, it is no longer visible on the website. That page just checks to see if you have any ELP tokens in your wallet. You still have your tokens and are receiving the 0.25 percent trading fee; it’s only that it’s presently put in the farming contract and therefore not visible.

To use with our products, have a look at the links below:

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