Roadmap ๐ŸŽฏ
Our roadmap is ambitious, but achievable
Key developments
May 2020
    Start of the product architecture and development
February 2021
    Beta launch
    Security audit by Hacken
    Initial functionality launch: swaps, liquidity provision, NFT Magic Cards, Magic Hall, IDO functionality, multi-level referral program, EmiOracle
March 2021
    UX/UI improvements
    Minor functionality improvements and bug fixes
    Gas fee refunds
    Pre-seed for early adopters
    Official DEX launch
April 2021
    Seed round completed
    Activation of NFT bonuses and UX/UI adoption
    X10 rewards for liquidity providers and swappers
    ESW rewards for liquidity providers and swappers
June 2021
    Private round completed
    DeFi vampirism functionality
    Launchpad Sales
    EmiSwap logo redesign
July 2021
    EmiSwap on Polygon Sidechain launch
    NFT Farming implementation
    Staking implementation
    ESW listing on CEXes and DEXes
    Token Generation Events (TGE)
Q3 2021
    Limit, Stop Limit, and Stop Market orders on EmiSwap
    Limit, Stop Limit, and Stop Market orders implementation for other DEXes: UniSwap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and others.
    EmiSwap on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, NEAR Protocol, OKEx and Huobi Blockchain launch
    EmiSwap UX/UI redesign
    New product โ€“ย EmiBridge (the bridge between blockchains) in the EmiDAO ecosystem
    Blockchain interoperability, cross-blockchain transactions support and Layer-2 transaction support
Q4 2021
    EmiSwap on Tron and Polkadot blockchain launch
    Voting implementation
    NFT Card Wars
View our roadmap in this one-pager: ROADMAP + Competitive Advantages
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